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Horst von Wendorff was featured on the cover of Boston Globe Magazine, also appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Diego Union, and on CBS MoneyWatch about ways to scale your business quickly using time-saving outsourcing solutions.

Fortune 500 background in banking, human resources, global mobility, vendor management, risk mitigation and staffing solutions. Developed VKW (Virtual Knowledge Workers) an innovative off-site staffing solution that offers significant cost and time management advantages to business.

Homemade Soylent or Dog Food For Humans

TL;DR: Overall positive experience, great health and financial benefits, monotony needs to be addressed, recipe below.

SoylentFor the past two weeks, I’ve been living off homemade Soylent. For the uninitiated, Soylent is food, which contains all nutrients the human body needs. The idea of Soylent stems from Harry Harrison’s sci-fi novel Make Room! Make Room!, which explores a dystopia of unchecked population growth. Soylent is the commodity food for the masses and as common, as cheap and as available as drinking water. Personally, I would compared it to store-bought dog food. It has all the nutrients for healthy living. Totally monotonous in its flavor! Certainly after two weeks on Soylent, now I know how a dog must feel like about treats.

If the monotony can be overcome, Soylent has plenty to show for in benefits, especially financial and health. While on Soylent, my spending on food was reduced to just under $4 per day. I’ve lost weight – about 1/2 pound per day – and my body feels good, better mood, more energy. The first two days, my body was detoxing and I had a benign headache – probably from increased potassium and lower salt intake. I can’t say I was feeling hungry, just craving other flavors.

After a week, I started blending in a banana or some berries, which really enhanced the flavor but that wasn’t enough to break the monotony. My plan going forward is to make 70-80% of my diet Soylent (about 1,500 calories) and have one 400-600 calorie meal in a day.


1 day of Soylent, 2,000 calories

345g of Masa Harina

55g of Whey Protein Isolate

23g of GNC Mega Men Sports

6g of Calcium/Magnesium 1000/500mg

6g of Potassium Citrate

4g of Iodized Salt

2g of Choline Bitartrate

50g of Soybean Oil

Mix all powders (except the Soybean Oil) into a 1 gallon Ziplock Bag. Close the Ziplock Bag well and toss it around until the powders have mixed well.  With a blender, mix 1 liter of drinking water, the powder-mix from the Ziplock Bag and soybean oil into a shake, add more water until you have your preferred thickness. Optional: add bananas or berries for flavor, fresh or frozen. Consume chilled.

Nutritional Information

US Government DRI, 19-50 years of age, 2000 calories

Macro Target Recipe Max %
Calories (kcal) 2000 2000 100%
Carbohydrates (g) 250 272.8 109%
Protein (g) 85 87.58 103%
Total Fat (g) 65 65.9 101%
Saturated Fat (g) 10.36
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 11.4
Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 28.85
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (g) 1.6 3.57 223%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids (g) 17 30.98 182%
Total Fiber (g) 28 28.2 101%
Soluble Fiber (g) 0
Insoluble Fiber (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0 25.794
Vitamins Target Recipe Max %
Vitamin A (IU) 3000 6644 10000 221%
Vitamin B6 (mg) 1.3 33.6 100 2583%
Vitamin B12 (ug) 2.4 31.9 1331%
Vitamin C (mg) 90 192 2000 213%
Vitamin D (IU) 600 650 4000 108%
Vitamin E (IU) 20 25 1000 126%
Vitamin K (ug) 120 144 120%
Thiamin (mg) 1.2 36.774 3065%
Riboflavin (mg) 1.3 32.279 2483%
Niacin (mg) 16 31.944 35 200%
Folate (ug) 400 483 1000 121%
Pantothenic Acid (mg) 5 34.359 687%
Biotin (ug) 30 192 639%
Choline (mg) 550 856.109 3500 156%
Minerals Target Recipe Max %
Calcium (g) 1 1.44 2.5 144%
Chloride (g) 2.3 2.496 3.6 109%
Chromium (ug) 35 77 219%
Copper (mg) 0.9 1.899 10 211%
Iodine (ug) 150 284 1100 189%
Iron (mg) 8 24.84 45 311%
Magnesium (mg) 420 944.8 225%
Manganese (mg) 2.3 3.003 11 131%
Molybdenum (ug) 45 48 2000 106%
Phosphorus (g) 0.7 0.769 4 110%
Potassium (g) 3.5 3.613 103%
Selenium (ug) 55 176 400 320%
Sodium (g) 1.5 1.792 2.3 119%
Sulfur (g) 2 2.57 128%
Zinc (mg) 11 22.1822 40 202%

Setting Up Your Outsourced Operation

LighthouseSo you decided that you rather not want to manage employees, their time-sheets, payroll benefits and hiring but focus on the results you reap from your business processes. You decided to work with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider. What now?

Well organized BPO providers will take their new clients through three phases: Solutioning, Mobilization, and Delivery.

  1. Solutioning
    During the Solutioning period, the BPO provider learns about your needs and your business model. And you learn about the competencies of your BPO provider. The overall theme of this is planning for a win-win relationship between you and your BPO provider. (I’m not a big fan of the word “Solutioning” because it isn’t a word and it sounds more buzz than substance. I can’t seem to think of a better word to describe this phase, tho. Let me know if you can.)

    1. Results
      You don’t want to buy employees, nor do you want to buy time-sheets; you want to buy results. That’s the greatest benefit your BPO provider can give you. I strongly recommend that you work under the principals of Auftragstaktik (Mission Style-Tactics) and convey your idea of results clearly to your BPO provider. This will enable your BPO provider to work and think along with you and for you.
    2. Measuring
      Much has already been said about the importance of measuring… difficult to know if you’re getting results or not if you don’t measure them.

      1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
        Key Performance Indicators – These are your quantitative tools to measure input, output, throughput, vectors, rate, speed, you name it. These are the numbers you want to buy from your BPO provider because these numbers measure your results
      2. Goals and Objectives (GnO)
        Goals and Objectives are similar to KPIs. You can follow a process to the letter and have perfect KPIs but still not have achieved your goal or objective. Charlie Brown comes to mind here – he does everything right and still fails. GnOs are typically difficult to measure with a numeric value, such as ethics or emotions – think “smiling over the phone” – yet vital to the overall success
    3. Selecting The Right Partner
      This is the right time to finalize your selection and contract of your BPO provider. You have a clear idea of the results you want to and can buy from your BPO provider. When faced with a big or difficult decision, it’s best to break it down into many small decisions. The final big decision becomes then organic.
  2. Mobilization
    Mobilization, while a military term, refers here to hiring and training the right talent. This is when you work closely with your BPO provider. They source the talent, and you provide the manuals, guidelines and other tools that help the new talent to become experts on your business process.

    1. Selecting The Team (Hiring)
      While the BPO provider should allow you to have a heavy hand in the hiring decisions, it’s best to trust your BPO provider with the hiring. Their understanding of the local labor market likely outstrips your knowledge. Plus, your BPO provider by now should have a good understanding of your needs because of the previous Solutioning phase.
    2. Training
      To truly buy results, you want your team to be self-sufficient. Thus, you begin with training the trainer. Your BPO provider will very soon cross-train staff and have multiple workers, who can handle your account. This way knowledge is not lost due to turnover, and you benefit from having no interruptions caused by turn-over, sick or vacationing workers.
    3. Rehearse/Testing
      Very few if anybody ever became an expert overnight – even the most talented actors rehearse, the most talented musicians practice. Yngwie Malmasteen Da Vinci need reverences
  3. Delivery
    Reap the results! Your BPO operations are running. Your services are being delivered. While most get to the stage because they want to reduce cost, which it does. The unexpected realization for most here is how much time it saves them. Because your BPO provider has a clear understanding of your business goals – assuming you followed the Auftragstaktik model – your BPO team can act with little to no supervision on your behalf.

    1. Measuring KPI/GnO
      Even though your BPO team is now super-awesome and independent thanks to your and your BPO provider’s work during the Solutioning and Mobilization phase, you want to regularly discuss the KPI/GnO with your team lead. Keep it challenging for them!
    2. Continuous Improvement/Tweaking
      Because you’re measuring, you can keep tweaking and improving your business processes. If your team reaches goals to easily, set the bar a little higher.
    3. Profiting

Written by Horst von Wendorff

Caught between the heat of the moment and a desperate heart for a business idea

Caught between the heat of the moment and a desperate heart for a business idea.

What is the most ingenious growth hack you have encountered?

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The One Thing That Contributes Most To Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Success

It’s easy to fall for the obvious benefits of outsourcing your business processes. The lure of cost savings and becoming “sticker happy” can be great. And indeed, many call centers advertise on price. $8/hour, $7/hour, even $6/hour – in some countries it goes down to $1/hour. But the true measure for outsourcing success lies with Quality – not just on the BPO providers side but also from the client’s side. A BPO provider cannot be better than the client. So what is the one thing that contributes to BPO success the most?

Business Processes with Quality build-in

Quality is in the eye-of-the-beholder. Hence, the quality you seek needs to be defined and measurable – it really helps you and the BPO provider to be on the same page when it comes to delivering results. The first stage in building a BPO operation is the solution planning phase, before you go into mobilizing the workforce or the delivery. During the solution planning phase, you define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the Goals & Objectives (GNO) – ie the key components that deliver results. After all you don’t want to buy employees and time-sheets, you want to buy results. With those KPIs and GNOs in hand, you can then setup your operation for success.

Plug’n’play: Have a Plan – Have a Process

PoweredYou should expect your BPO provider to understand and have extensive knowledge of their respective specialty, such as Customer Service or Social Media Marketing. But don’t assume them to be your business consultant developing the processes for you. BPO providers are here to execute your processes. You want to be plug’n’play for the BPO provider with clear business processes and standard operating procedures. Having said that, most BPO firms allow you to look over their shoulders and let you see what they are doing for other clients (case studies), which surely will provide you with insights and inspiration for your solution. Please note that not-so-ethical BPO providers may give you off-the-cuff “consulting advise” to get your business – but these are nothing more than remarks to overcome your objections during sales negotiations. Ask to speak with actual call center agents doing the job – let call center agents tell you first hand about their work.

Written by Horst von Wendorff

The real clash is within civilisations | Frank Furedi | spiked

The real clash is within civilisations | Frank Furedi | spiked.

Ching Ling The Fly

Wolfgang BorchertBy
Wolfgang Borchert

You think that this name is way too beautiful for a simple fly? Oh, then I have to tell you how the fly Ching Ling earned this rather unusual name, and then you’ll find this name very appropriate. May I have your ear, please.

Have you ever been in prison? Excuse me, of course not! But I can ensure you, getting into is not so hard. The other way, getting out of prison is the hard part. During the trial, I got to know that somewhere, some time under the influence of alcohol, I said about someone, something not so nice. You shouldn’t do that. Hamlet was in the same situation because he thought that there is something foul in the state of Denmark.

Hamlet wasn’t allowed to do it either, although he – well, that’s unimportant. Important is that you hear about why I called the fly Ching Ling.

I squatted down in the prison cell, shattered by the accusation of the court, broken down, surrounded by the impenetrable mist of a darkened soul, with an empty stomach, my knees to my chest, and stared at the plain wall. Then, unexpectedly, right in front of my half-closed eyes, a simple fly sat on the wall. Or rather she stood because flies cannot sit.


I don’t know, how it came – but it must have irritated me. Is it an old typically male characteristic, an instinct to hunt, or just a flashback to my awkward youth? Be that as it may. The provocative behavior of the fly caused my hand to cup unconsciously into the typical form for fly-catching. Cautiously, my hand moved closer to the seemingly unaware victim. That was when my mind produced some clear thoughts. Maybe it wanted to justify the strange behavior of my hand. Anyway, I thought: The way I was caught, that’s how I will catch you, you little fly – I also want to play judge. I want to be your fate and decide about life or death. But that was only what I thought; then when my fate-seeking hand tried to seize in a God-like manner, it grabbed empty space. The little dark spot sat as if nothing happened just a few centimeters higher on the wall. Just so high that I couldn’t reach it.

Resigned, I wanted to fall back into my mindlessness, that’s when horrible anxiety struck me like lighting. Didn’t the fly just grin at me? Just when I wanted to throw my boot into her sneering face, she talked to me – with a slightly thin and reasonable sounding voice of worldly wisdom, – she reminded me of my religion teacher. See, she said, “you wanted to be my fate, but I have escaped, you idiot? You have to stand above your fate, even if it is only a few centimeters, just enough so fate cannot draw you into the abyss. Do you understand that?” – “You laughed at me!” I cried. – “That’s what it is all about,” she answered coldly, “you have to smile at your fate. See, you nincompoop, and then you’ll discover that life is comedy rather than tragedy.” – She put herself in position, grinned at me again, and took off. She disappeared as fast as she came.

I have thought about her for very long and discovered that she was right: You have to stand above your fate! I’m still remembering my little fly quite often, who came like a speck of sunlight into my darkness, and gave her the name Ching Ling. That’s Chinese for the lucky mood.

Written by Wolfgang Borchert
Translated by Horst von Wendorff

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